More of Uptown - Hamburg part III

This is the last post about Hamburg. Two previous ones can be found here and here.

This time we left the city centre and headed for the western outskirts to see picturesque Blankenese. Formerly a fishing village, since late '30s part of the city. It is located at the northern bank of the Elbe and is a truly peaceful and charming place.


Toys, Churches and Brothels - Hamburg part II

The first part can be found here.

The second part of the report on Hamburg I want to start with the very famous museum located in Speicherstadt's old warehouses. It is not a museum as such, rather a form of exhibition - Miniatur Wunderland. The place is absolutely stunning and I could spend all day there if not for the impossibly horrendous amount of people gathering by each model. In Miniatur Wunderland you can find everything. From a model of HSV stadium, little planes taking off and landing on the model runway, ferries near the fiords of Scandinavia to space rocket launched from the Cape Cannaveral. Night falls over the little world every fifteen minutes. One can find pretty much everything there: moving vehicles and mini figures of people presented in any sort of unusual situations (like Superman in Switzerland). The building on fire with fire brigade hurrying to extinguish the flames or spaceshuttle landing on the airport or kilometers of railways. It all awoke a child in me. I have absolutely fell in love with the place and felt like little girl just standing there for hours and making tens of videos of landing planes in the row.