More of Uptown - Hamburg part III

This is the last post about Hamburg. Two previous ones can be found here and here.

This time we left the city centre and headed for the western outskirts to see picturesque Blankenese. Formerly a fishing village, since late '30s part of the city. It is located at the northern bank of the Elbe and is a truly peaceful and charming place.

It seems so far from the bustling life of the city that one can easily forget they are still in Hamburg, especially by the very river. The houses seem cosy and narrow paths between them leading steeply down give an impression you are at the coast of mideterranean sea....if you exclude the weather, of course. Apparently there are many things to sightsee but to be honest we couldn't care less and just enjoyed strolling narrow paths and admiring the view. At the end we (absolutety normal situation for me) got lost. Without a map or any form of life around it took us more time than we actually had to get to the next place, which was ... a ZOO :)

Hagenbeck ZOO is named after Carl Hagenbeck (I think) Jr. because he was the one who founded it in 1907. His father though, yes – Carl Hagenbeck Sr. started the collection of different spicies of animals. It was the first zoological garden to resign from cages letting visitors watch animals walk freely on spacious runs.

This one I failed to tame and idetify, my final name for it is 'Rabbizelle'
We arrived relatively late, which ment we had very little time for visiting the ZOO. We dicided to resign from the aquarium. The garden was almost entirely empty. There were though some spiecies running freely on paths for visitors. I had serious problems with identyfing them. I also tried to tame them but they weren’t very cooperative . From more daring animals there was a duck that tried to eat our last provisions. And llama that we thought was really friendly but had to change our minds and quickly run away when it started spitting on us – little vicious bastard!
Another failed attempt at domestication, though this one seemed promising
This one on the other hand wanted to be our tour gide
Little thief
Yet another unidentified animal, or simply overfed hamster

Little vicious bastard, we should have known from the start

The little bear wasn't friendly either
Hagenbeck Tierpark seemed relatively small despite having 25 hectacres. It seemed very, if I can call it so, cosy. The reason can be the fact that it is over 100 years old as well as freely running animals or maybe the simple fact that that day we were there almost completely alone. 


  1. lovely pictures, the best part of Hamburg:)

  2. Rabbizelle? Funny little thing ;) llama? Seriously? What did you do her? Xd

    1. I named it Rabizelle because I have no idea what it is and it looks like the mix of rabbit and gazelle (sort of). And concerning llama she was just mean ;)