Toys, Churches and Brothels - Hamburg part II

The first part can be found here.

The second part of the report on Hamburg I want to start with the very famous museum located in Speicherstadt's old warehouses. It is not a museum as such, rather a form of exhibition - Miniatur Wunderland. The place is absolutely stunning and I could spend all day there if not for the impossibly horrendous amount of people gathering by each model. In Miniatur Wunderland you can find everything. From a model of HSV stadium, little planes taking off and landing on the model runway, ferries near the fiords of Scandinavia to space rocket launched from the Cape Cannaveral. Night falls over the little world every fifteen minutes. One can find pretty much everything there: moving vehicles and mini figures of people presented in any sort of unusual situations (like Superman in Switzerland). The building on fire with fire brigade hurrying to extinguish the flames or spaceshuttle landing on the airport or kilometers of railways. It all awoke a child in me. I have absolutely fell in love with the place and felt like little girl just standing there for hours and making tens of videos of landing planes in the row.

Hamburg, Landungsbrücke 
Miniatur Wundereland is a little world build on the area of over 6,000 square meters and it is still expanding. Entrance costs 12 euro but there are many discounts available, so if you are a student, a child or travel in group you will pay less. At the entrance you are handed a leaflet describing the entire exhibition in your native language. At the end of the tour you can eat in the restaurant that is part of Miniatur Wunderland (haven't tried, so if anybody has and wants to share an opinion on the experience I'd be grateful) and buy a suvenir in a shop (a place I always skip).
Las Vegas

If you want to visit Miniatur Wunderland (and it's wort it!) you have to be prepared to wait in a long queue. However, on the official website you can check what is estimated waiting time for the given day as well as what time it is best to appear.
Mini HSV Stadium at night

Moreover, for additional fee you can be taken on behind the scenes tour. And if you want to find out more I recommend you to check their website: www.miniatur-wunderland.com.
Superman found in Switzerland
Space shuttle landing on the airport

If you are interested in history of Speicherstadt, right next to Miniatur Wunderland you will find Speicherstadt Museum. And if you go further towards the centre, near Willy-Brandt-Straße, you will find St.-Nikolai-Kirche. 
St. Nikolai-Kirche's steeple surrounded by modern buildings
It is a ruin of the built in second half of 19th century Church that was one of the main churches in the city as well as the tallest building. It was seriously damaged in 1943 during the bombardment of Hamburg and after the war the parish was moved to another district where new church was build. The damaged one on the other hand was demolished and only steeple was left. Nowadays you can take elevator to go up the steeple and admire the panorama of Hamburg. The webside: www.mahnmal-st-nikolai.de (unfortunately only in German) is a good reference if you want to find out more about history of the place and if you don't speak the language the old pictures of the church and the city are still an interesting thing for history lovers.
View from St.Nikolai-Kirche

View from St. Nikolai-Kirche
'No weapon allowed' St. Pauli district

However, if you get bored with the history and looking down on the city, you can leave the Old Town and go to St. Pauli district and see (in)famous Reeperbahn. It's Hamburg's red light district full of night clubs and sex-shops. Once one of the most dangerous part of the city now not so scary though we were visiting it during the day and even then I witnessed a row between a skimpy dressed lady and some man. And the darker it was getting the more strange people were appearing... or maybe it was just my imagination. The fact is that I do not recommed going there alone, especially after the nightfall.

But during the day district seems almost completely normal, we had a warm (and cheap) Becher (mug) of cofee in a very cosy bar without feeling unsafe at all (which was very surprising for a group of local men at the next table discussing among themselves that maybe we were lost).

Beatles-Platz, St. Pauli
We found a very nice grafitti in much less nice surrounding 


  1. waiting for nex posts from all over the world. Nice, interesting notes about Hamburg, even it's not my favorite place to go, good to know which places are worth to see:) Like the way you write and your sense of humour, best part of red street for me;p Good job writer! I'm going to another posts from China and Peru.Ps. love exotic cultures so hope that i will be able to read more about these fascinating places:)

    1. Thank you! I hope you'll like my other posts too :)

  2. Definitely, Miniatur Wunderland is amazing! and small superman made my day! For sure I must visit this place (somehow in the future - next place that I want to see). Reeperbahn... - I'll remember not to go there! Keep writting :)

    1. Haha, you can go there of course I just wouldn't recommend going there in the evening or at night especially alone :) but the place is definitely interesting to see. And I'm happy I have encouraged you to visit Hamburg :D

    2. I'm thinking about writing a list of places that I want to see ;) Paris No.1 xd

    3. Then I am going with you 'cause I was there 13 years ago and don't remember much ;)...oh maybe except for the fact that a plane crushed near our hotel :|