Time Travel to Varna

Varna is one of Bulgaria’s largest  cities. A summer capital located by the Black Sea . Its history dates back to 7th century and is a constant fight between christians and muslims. Throughout the centuries the city was an important harbour and commercial city as well as belonged to i.a. the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. It ultimately became part of Bulgaria in the 19th century.

For me personally, Varna wasn’t very impressive, in fact it seemed mainly gray and neglected. But what I did find interesting were the old buildings, completely ruined but still showing their long lost beauty. To be honest, they, apart from the main broadwalk that was very pleasant place too, were the only part of Varna I really liked. The buildings had this misterious atmosphere of long lost greatness that makes you wonder why do they stand there in the middle of the city, completely ruined and unused.

And cats. Cats everywhere :)

We could find there quite a few old cars too, and that was also something that charmed me. When I see pictures of monumental neglected buildings and old, neglected luxurious cars it is mainly of Cuba and those buildings and cars (though these cannot be called luxurious at all) in Varna, despite being in completely different part of the world, felt a bit like Cuba.

And I almost bought a book. Fortunately, this time I managed to explain myself that I do not speak Bulgarian and it most probably won't chage in the future, but I love old cheap books sold on the streets and usually indulge in my guilty pleasure and come back home with some. It's not so bad if it happens in Hamburg - I can at least practice my German, but when I buy books in Spanish not knowing much of the language it isn't a great business and that happened to me in Madrid.


  1. Varna that was surprising trip ;)

  2. Very nice pictures, but cat is the best ;)

    1. Surprising was especially our (my fault I admit) getting off the bus on the wrong stop and a veeery long walk to the hotel ;) And cats are always the best :D

    2. That was our fault, but trip was good :) I ate a delicious, largeeee ice and dogs are always the best <3

    3. You won't drag me into discussion about superiority of one spiecies over the other. Both make lovely pets :)

  3. Lovely photoes ;))